PMY Construction Corp.


PMY Construction Corp. is a New Jersey-based provider of business technology services and solutions that enable our clients to improve communications, productivity, profitability and security.

We are experts in integrating new technologies with existing infrastructure and our ability to fuse business with technology has empowered our clients to effectively control technology as a tool in supporting business growth.

We can accommodate all of your low voltage cabling and electronic installation needs.
Setting up your business or home with electronics, security cameras, and/or communications can be a difficult process for any company. We make the process run smoothly by managing the task from start to finish.

We coordinate with project managers, designers, IT staff, furniture vendors, general contractors, and county inspectors to ensure that all deadlines are met. We also have a strong management team in place to assist our customers throughout each phase of every project. 

PMY Construction Corp. can take the confusion out of your hands and place it into the hands of our skilled team. We are proud to have served many north east companies and look forward to the opportunity to bring our service excellence to you as well.


Voice Cabling

Data Cabling

Video Cabling

Coax Cabling

Twisted Pair Cabling

Fiber Optic Cabling

Wireless Cabling

(All phases of low voltage cabling)

Security systems:

Cameras: 4,6,8,16+ Channel Dvr installations (CCTV) 

(covert, nanny cams, dome, interior, exterior, audio, infared, ect.)

(View your CCTV system from anywhere in world with internet connection)

Motion detecters 


Project Management

Troubleshooting and Repair

Emergency Response

Cable Abatement

Data room clean ups(Straightening out existing patch cords,cables,ect)

All types of data cabinet and rack installations

Core drilling

Molding and piping

Appropriate cable trays and cable suspension equipment

Camera Installation (Indoor/Outdoor)

DVR Programming

Wireless Equipment

Paging Systems

Television Mounting

Multi Media System Programming